Paint Exposure

The new paintings are built by constructing and removing, creating tension and unity in contrasts, colours and forms. I would like to achieve every layer as a unique and inimitable result that emanates both simplicity and mystery.

The process of creation, defined by actions and decisions regarding hiding and exposing the visibility of brush gestures, building up or destroying the planes – it influences the different aspects of perception and stimulates the viewer´s curiosity.

The works adopt the aspect of transparency in a way photography does – thin surfaces of paint appear as a kind of multiple exposure.

The beauty is in your mind

“My granddaughter was about 11 years old and she was in Agnes’ apartment and there was a rose in a vase and she was mesmerized by the rose. And Agnes saw that and picked up the rose and said, “Is this rose beautiful, Isobel?” And Isobel said, “Yes, this rose is beautiful.” And then Agnes put the rose behind her back and she asked Isobel, “Is the rose still beautiful?” and Isobel said, “Yes, the rose is still beautiful”, and Agnes said, “You see, the beauty is not in the rose, the beauty is in your mind.” – Agnes Martin

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